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Middletown, Pennsylvania is recorded as the oldest incorporated community in Dauphin County. 

The Susquehannock Indians arrived to the Middletown area around 1500. William Penn laid the area out in 1690. Middletown, Pennsylvania was officially founded in 1755, and incorporated as a borough in the year 1828. 

The borough is known for its rich agricultural area which borders around the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Back then in the days, people would come to Middletown to gain access to furniture factories, cigar shops, hosiery factories, shoe makers, car shops, stove works and flouring mills. Many of these structures remain standing today. 

Fans of old style architecture will enjoy the numerous old structures in Middletown. Most buildings still look the same like they did back when they were built. Middletown's structures consist of Victorian Mansions, Georgian, Colonial, Empire, Italianate to log cabins and more. In fact, six structures in Middletown are listed on the National register of Historic Places. 

Conveniently located nine miles south-east of Harrisburg, PA, nine miles south of Hershey, Pa, eight miles north-west of Elizabethtown, PA, thirty-one miles north of York, PA and twenty-eight miles north-west of Lancaster, Pa., Middletown is a developed Borough, with plenty of amenities and things to see and do, in and nearby the Borough. 

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